Tuesday, January 8, 2013


As an opening salvo of 2013, the year welcomed me with a punch in one of my vital organs, my cervix. The excessive and abnormal bleeding I experienced in the last quarter of 2012 was caused by uterine polyps and the best way to treat this is through Hysteroscopy. This is a minor surgery which according to my research will only take for less than an hour.

Though write-ups and personal testiments said that it is very safe and a not so painful procedure, I still feel uncomfortable about the surgery. I have fears and doubts given that for the past years I rarely visit hospitals even just for a general health check-up. Oh well, I guess this is the prize I have to pay for not being health conscious. 

I'm crossing my fingers that as the day of the procedure approaches, everything will be fine. I'm giving my full confidence and faith to my OB. I bet, she can easily done the procedure without a bit of sweat. 

Indeed, Health is Wealth. And with that note, I'm making a commitment with myself that after the surgery, I will devote more time in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Change of Lifestyle is the Key Babeeehhh!

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